“Forefathers & Founding Fathers vibrates with wisdom and insights. I look forward to the movie!” – Mark Victor Hansen, the #1 selling author of all time (Chicken Soup for the Soul and The One Minute Millionaire).

An adventure, a love story and a lost piece of history that will make you question your understanding of the first decades in the New World. Forefathers & Founding Fathers is a chronicle that every American should know.

Roll your clocks back 380 years and meet four of the most significant, yet unknown characters in U.S. history who fought against all odds to maintain their beliefs. Some were killed for those beliefs, while others were beaten and banished – repeatedly. One hundred fifty years before Jefferson and Adams, these were the first American pioneer/patriots and their struggles shaped what would ultimately become our great democracy.

“Michael shows us that we owe a debt of gratitude to many people we had not known before.” – Jim Stovall Best-selling Author (The Ultimate Gift)

An historic tale that has waited centuries to be written, Forefathers & Founding Fathers chronicles the founding years in the American colonies. During the Great Migration of the 1600s the Puritans that came to this New World in the name of religious freedom actually created the opposite. Boston was a theocracy that oppressed any idea which didn’t adhere to a staunch Puritan viewpoint. It was an intolerant environment with an atmosphere ripe for the killing of Quakers and the Salem witch hunts. As the story unfolds, you will re-live banishments, hangings, and other atrocities against our main characters, who refused to conform. This tale revolves around the personal lives for those four founding pioneers who were determined to create what we now know as the American Democracy.

When we think about the founding fathers of the United States, we envisage Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Washington, and many others in the late 1700s. In the Boston or Plymouth colony of 1640, any one of those founding fathers would have been banished, whipped, or killed for their beliefs. It is a difficult image to reconcile: those sweet Pilgrims who celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the Indians, banishing Thomas Jefferson for the radical ideas of freedom of religion, separation of church and state, or civil government!

This is the exciting tale of four individuals, all of whom are considered founders of the Rhode Island colony. From that smallest of colonies, they opposed slavery, fought for freedom of religion, democracy, and equal rights in the mid-1600s. For those beliefs, they were ostracized, banished, whipped, and killed, but in that process, they planted the seeds that would spout and be used by our founding fathers to grow this great democracy. Against all odds, those forefathers never gave up, and ultimately, their ideals spread across the American continent. This book tells the story of a few of the significant forefathers to our founding fathers.

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