MGheadshotMichael Gorton

As a child, Michael Gorton was the poor kid next door who had a dream and was willing to work to achieve that dream. He grew up in a lower middle class family but his parents and four siblings taught him to set goals and stay persistent. While working full time, he made time to earn degrees in Physics, Engineering and Law. After working 12 years as an engineer manager in corporate America, he is now a serial entrepreneur who has founded 8 companies. Amongst those are notables: Internet Global, Palo Duro Records and TelaDoc, now the world’s largest telemedicine company. Michael has been a prolific writer, authoring technical articles on a wide range of topics including Internet, power systems, remote metering and disconnect, solar, electric vehicles, healthcare, telemedicine, astronomy, physics and music.

Forefathers & Founding Fathers is Michael’s 5th novel. The first four: USSA, Lex Talionis, Tachyon Tunnel, and Born Again American were all written for fun with the intent of giving to a small group of friends and family (Although Born Again American took on a life of it’s own after release of the Shelley Laine song). That was in fact the goal with Forefathers, but while researching, he realized this was an important and unknown story that needed to be told. Forefathers is now seeing remarkable success and positive feedback from some of the world’s most prominent writers.

Having completed 18 marathons, Michael is a runner, a second degree black belt in karate, and a mountain climber. He and his family are currently climbing the highest points of elevation in the fifty states. They have 38 done.

Michael is an 11th generation descendant of Samuel Gorton. His lineage is: Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Benjamin, Amos, Oliver, Guy, Dayton, DeForest, Everett (dad).